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Cornet Shot

Men's Soccer 

Where we can help

Atlantic Scholarships is committed to offering the best in service
to young aspiring student athletes in Ireland & Northern Ireland

Our team of experts are on hand to help your aspirations and dreams come true by finding your next home

We are one of the only services in Ireland & Northern Ireland that are dedicated to providing this service

Our team of ambassadors are also available with any questions that you might have at any step in the process

Your hard work and dedication throughout your academic & sporting life has got you this far, time to write the next chapter

Atlantic Scholarships has

access to over

60,000 coaches across

multiple sports


Atlantic Scholarships will assist

you every step of the way. 

From video editing to visa


During your studies

Atlantic Scholarships will

host monthly mentor

meetings with all clients


Atlantic Scholarships Blog

Still not convinced this is the right move for you? Read about some success stories from our network below:

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