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Image by Eva Darron

Other Costs To Consider

There are additional costs to consider before starting your journey of securing a sports scholarship to an American university. 


Please note, that not all of these costs will be applicable to you, costs are varied on a case by case basis:

  • Flights to the USA - €600 / £550

  • SAT Exam - €55 / £50

  • Student VISA - €350 / £300 - Other issuance fees may apply

  • Health Insurance - €400 / £350

  • NCAA / NAIA Eligibility - €130 / £100

  • Tuition / Fees (if not a recipient of a full scholarship) - Varied

  • Social Costs (Shopping, Spending Money) - Varied

*Costs listed above are approximated as of June 2021. Costs above are also not included in the Atlantic Scholarships service agreement. Dependent on a case by case basis some universities may be able to provide some financial assistance with some of the items listed above, this again is subject to a case by case basis.

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