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Why the USA?

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The US education system is recognised all across the globe and is home to some of the most illustrious university programme's available to student / athletes.

You will have the opportunity to not only play your chosen sport at a highly competitive level but also secure a degree that is recognisable anywhere in the world.


The United States of America has over +4,000 Higher Education Institutions situated across it's 50 states.

45 of the top 100 best world universities are located in the US, as ranked by The Best Global Universities rankings 2020.

The US education system is also focused on a "liberal arts" approach to learning. This means that students not only focus on their specific major but also have a certain amount of credits where general education is thought. This allows student / athletes the opportunity to explore different subject matters before committing to a subject field.

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Image by Rojan Maharjan


One of the most beneficial parts of living as a student / athlete in the US is the fact that you are immersing yourself in a different culture. 

Once you arrive on campus you will be surrounded by people of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities. This focus on cultural diversity provides a fantastic learning environment where group learning and networking with fellow students is encouraged.

Your coach will emphasise the importance of diving head first into your studies. Athletes are prepared for not only their next step as an athlete but also away from the field, court, track, pool or course. You might become an entrepreneur, business owner, coach or whatever you want to excel in. A US education prepares you for what is next to come in your life. 


There are some many advantages to becoming a student / athlete in America besides a degree and competing at the highest level collegiate sports has to offer. 

One of the benefits of securing a move to your dream college is the fact that you will be able to travel and see different states and regions. With being an athlete you will be on the road for some time. Away trips are mandatory in the collegiate season. This offers you the chance to travel and explore different parts of America whilst also competing at the same time. Some trips require flights to games or bus journey's. A lot of the time you might have a number of hours before your return flight so you might be able to explore different regions and states. 

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