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Landing a golf scholarship can be tough—but it’s not impossible.


Of the 1,318 schools that offer men’s golf, 972 of them offer athletic scholarships. However, these programs operate on an equivalency method, meaning coaches distribute their funds across multiple athletes, making full-ride scholarships rare. And even though NCAA Division 3 coaches can’t offer athletic aid, they tend to create scholarship packages with other sources of money. In this section, we break down everything you need to know when it comes to men’s golf scholarships.


Division I Golf

NCAA Division 1 is as elite as it gets in college sports. Only two percent of high school or secondary school men’s golfers go on to play in NCAA Division 1 according to a recent study by the NCAA. Most top Division I programmes look for players who have had an established amateur career in their home country. The average collegiate golf team is roughly 10 college athletes, coaches usually only need to bring on a few recruits each year. There are a total of 4.5 scholarships available. With over 294 colleges competing against each other to find their next star collegiate athlete.

Coaches look for players who are consistently shooting in the low 70's. Players who are DI eligible are best scouted from participating well in amateur tournaments across Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Top DI Golf Programmes (2019):

  1. Stanford University

  2. University of North Carolina

  3. UCLA


Divison II Golf

Division II is administered on an equivalency model where coaches receive a pool of scholarship money and can decide how they want to allocate these funds, this is exactly the same as DI colleges. Typically, many Division II golf coaches will distribute funds evenly across their student-athletes. There are a total of 3.6 golf scholarships available to student / athletes and over 200 DII colleges competing against each other to find their next star collegiate athlete

Top DII Golf Programmes (2019):

  1. University of California—San Diego

  2. Rollins College

  3. California State University—Chico

Division III Golf

NCAA Division III coaches can’t offer an athletic scholarship. However, coaches can offer academic scholarships along with some other scholarships based off merit.


82 percent of NCAA Division III athletes receive financial aid. Atlantic Scholarship can work towards securing the package that fits you best.

Top DIII Golf Programmes (2019):

  1. Emory University

  2. Washington & Lee University

  3. Amherst College



The NAIA operates just like the NCAA, coaches have a total of five golf scholarships available and they usually divide them into partial scholarships across recruits and the current roster. However, coaches can hand out full scholarships if the athlete stands out in the coaches mind. From a competitive standpoint, the top NAIA programmes are similar to Division II. The NAIA has fewer academic requirements then the NCAA. NAIA could be a great opportunity for student-athletes to explore collegiate level play. Some students may be able to transfer to a DI, DII or DIII programme based off of their performance in college

Top NAIA Golf Programmes (2019):

  1. Taylor University

  2. Loyola University New Orleans

  3. Huntington University


There are three divisions within the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) for men’s golf. Student / athletes will find the most scholarship opportunity at this level compared to NCAA and NAIA. Coaches have up to eight scholarships available per team (the average team size is seven players). Coaches are able to offer full scholarships more frequently at this rate.


Junior college can act as a steppingstone for athletes who want to potentially make the jump to a four year institution whether that's at a DI, DII or DIII level.

Top NCJAA Golf Programmes (2019):

  1. Ranger College

  2. Midland College

  3. Indian Hills Community College


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