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Field Hockey

Which colleges offer field hockey scholarships? Student-athletes can find scholarship opportunities at every NCAA division level.


Division I and II programmes award full or partial athletic scholarships, while Division III institutions award academic scholarships to student-athletes in high academic standing.


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DI Field Hockey

  • D1 field hockey scholarships per team: 12

  • Total number of DI field hockey teams: 77

  • Average team size: 23 


NCAA Division I field hockey programme coaches are allocated  a maximum of 12 scholarships per team. This does not mean that every team will have the full 12 scholarships to award, as programme funding varies across institutions. Partial scholarships are also available.

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Field Hockey Players

Field Hockey


  • DII field hockey scholarships per team: 6.3

  • Total number of DII field hockey teams: 36

  • Average team size: 24


NCAA Division II programmes are limited to just over half the number of scholarships that Division I programmes are allowed. 

  • DIII field hockey scholarships per team: 0

  • Total number of DIII field hockey teams: 168

  • Average team size: 21


There are over 3,500 student / athletes currently playing field hockey at Division III colleges. At DIII level there are no athletic scholarships that can be availed. However, coaches may be able to offer academic or merit based scholarships on a case by case basis. If the athlete is of a good academic standing then he/she may be entitled to a full-ride


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