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Women's Golf

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Golf Scholarships

Women’s golf is an equivalency sport, so college coaches can distribute their scholarship money across several athletes on their team.


Depending on the program’s budget, some athletes may receive a full ride scholarship, while others could only be offered a partial scholarship. Division III university's cannot offer athletic scholarships to prospective athletes. However, there are merit-based scholarships available to student / athletes who show a strong academic understanding.


Division I Golf

NCAA Division I college coaches can award a maximum of 6 Division I golf scholarships per team. Women’s golf is an equivalency sport, so coaches receive a pool of athletic funds and then they can distribute this money across the team however they wish.

For international students hoping to secure a full-ride scholarship, there is a very high chance that this can be secured if you are of a certain athletic and academic standard.


20.1 percent of DI women golfers are international students


Divison II Golf

Like NCAA Division 1, NCAA Division 2 coaches also follow the equivalency method. They can award a maximum of eight Division 2 golf scholarships per team and decide how to distribute these funds. Most coaches spread out their money and offer partial scholarships to their athletes. Some coaches will allocate funds evenly across players, while others award the top performers.


It’s important to note that not all Division 2 programs are fully funded, so some coaches may have less scholarship money available than others. That’s why we will connect with the coach early on to fully understand the scholarship opportunities available

Division III Golf

Technically speaking, NCAA Division III coaches can’t offer athletic scholarships. They can however offer merit-based scholarships.


Coaches work with the admissions department to create competitive financial aid opportunities for their student-athletes, such as academic scholarships. 82 percent of NCAA Division III athletes receive some sort of aid. And sometimes these packages can be more appealing than athletic scholarships at other divisions

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NAIA follows the same equivalency guidelines as the NCAA when offering athletic scholarships. Coaches at this level have five NAIA golf scholarships per team and mostly offer partial scholarships to recruits and current roster players. However, top performers could receive a scholarship that covers 75 percent of their tuition, or more. NAIA is often compared to Division III and some Division II golf programmes in terms of competition. This level could be a great fit for student-athletes who are looking to maximise their scholarships and financial aid expectations


The window of opportunity is open longer with these coaches as they tend to recruit well into senior year


Student-athletes will find the most scholarship opportunity at the NJCAA level. Coaches have up to eight NJCAA golf scholarships available per team, but the average team size depends on the school. There are several JUCO programmes that sponsor golf but don’t field a full team, so they sponsor one to three individuals. 

JUCO golf can be a great opportunity for student-athletes looking to secure an athletic scholarship. In many cases, financial aid packages are able to cover tuition, books and more. Junior college is a great way to develop athletically or academically at the collegiate level before transferring to a four-year institution


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