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Aerial View of Wrestling Match

Men's Wrestling

Image by Chris Chow


There are 265 colleges that offer wrestling scholarships. Wrestling is a sport that is growing year on year on the island of Ireland and here at Atlantic Scholarships we are encouraging more and more prospective student / athletes to explore their options across the pond. Wrestling scholarships are given out at an equivalency rate meaning coaches can decide how to use their budget as they like. This means that full-rides may be more difficult to come across and partial scholarships may be awarded as a result. 


Another option for athletes may be to acquire merit based scholarships by means of academic performance or other avenues available to them. At Atlantic Scholarships we will help find the best fit for you.


Wrestling Scholarships

Between the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA, more than 500 colleges offer men’s wrestling as a collegiate sport. When it comes to searching for the best college fit, there are several variables that student-athletes and their families need to think about including the following:


  • academics

  • campus life

  • college costs


Atlantic Scholarships are here to guide you in finding the correct programme for you. 

Image by Chris Chow

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