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Women's Tennis



There are more than 10,500 women’s collegiate tennis players competing across all three NCAA division levels. Of these 10,500+ athletes, less than 1% are US high school or secondary school tennis players competing for an NCAA Division 1 programme according to a recent study carried out by the NCAA. Collegiate tennis has the highest percentage of international athletes competing at the NCAA level than any other NCAA sport.


In 2017, 35.4% of women’s tennis players competing at the NCAA Division 1 level were international athletes. Meaning the chances of securing your dream move are high.


Division I Tennis

  • Division 1 tennis scholarships per team: 8

  • Total number of D1 women’s tennis teams: 317

  • Average team size: 9


Division 1 women’s college tennis programmes can offer scholarships to a maximum of eight athletes each season.


Coaches can decide who receives a scholarship and not. The fact that there are eight scholarships available means your in with a great chance of securing the best funding available as long as your performing at an elite level and of good academic standing.

Top DI Tennis Programmes (2019):

  1. Harvard University

  2. Stanford University

  3. Princeton University

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Divison II Tennis

  • Maximum scholarships available per team: 6

  • Total number of D2 tennis teams: 167

  • Average team size: 9 


As an equivalency sport, Division 2 women’s tennis programmes can award a maximum of six full-ride equivalent scholarships per team. Programmes that aren’t fully funded are forced to divide scholarship payments amongst several athletes. This is at the discretion of the coach.

Top DII Tennis Programmes (2019):

  1. University of California – San Diego

  2. Bentley University

  3. Truman State University

Division III Tennis

  • Maximum scholarships available per team: 0

  • Total number of D3 tennis teams: 328

  • Average team size: 10


There are no athletic scholarships available at NCAA Division 3 level. Instead, recruits receive financial funding through merit-based scholarships if they meet the academic standards set in place by institutions. In some cases, Division 3 financial aid packages may be larger than the athletic scholarships offered by Division 1 and 2 programmes. The DIII level of play is getting more and more competitive and athletes who require full scholarships might see this as their best avenue.

Top DII Tennis Programmes (2019):

  1. Amherst College

  2. Johns Hopkins University

  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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NAIA Tennis

  • Maximum scholarships available per team: 5

  • Total number of NAIA women’s tennis teams: 115

  • Average team size: 9 


The NAIA does not limit the number of scholarships a programme can award. Scholarship opportunities at the NAIA level are similar to the NCAA level. 

Top NAIA Tennis Programmes (2019):

  1. Loyola University New Orleans

  2. Asbury University

  3. Taylor University

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