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Collegiate volleyball is one of the highest standards of play available to female athletes. A volleyball scholarship may be worth it's weight in gold as a ticket to a degree and also athletic accomplishment. Over 1,300 schools at the Division I, Division II, NAIA and NCJAA levels could offer volleyball scholarships, depending on how well-funded their programme is. Like all college sport programmes in the US, DIII schools cannot offer athletic scholarships but they can however offer academic and merit based scholarships to athletes. To be in with a chance of obtaining an offer from a DIII college the student / athlete must be of a sound academic standard.


DI teams are allowed to provide a maximum of 12 full-ride scholarships to talented volleyball recruits. At the other division levels, coaches can divide up their scholarship dollars however they prefer.

Volleyball Scholarships

Around 5.9% of high school volleyball players will compete at the college level, and 1.2% of high school volleyball players will go to a Division 1 school. This translates to about 27,400 collegiate women’s volleyball players competing at all division levels across the U.S. So as you can see the competition is steep.


However, of those approximately 27,000 women, it’s difficult to know how many of them are scholarship athletes. While some schools are fully funded—able to provide the maximum number of scholarships to their athletes—many other schools are not. Furthermore, some athletes are walk-ons and don’t receive any athletic scholarship money

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