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Women's Soccer


Soccer Scholarships

Playing the sport you love and studying in a full-time environment is hard to come by these days. The women's soccer scene in the US in on an upward trajectory.

Some of the very best players to ever play the game have graced the hallowed turf of some of the most established universities in the US.

Women's soccer is an equivalency sport in the US, meaning that coaches have a certain amount of scholarships they can distribute amongst the roster. 

More and more female soccer players in both Ireland & Northern Ireland are choosing the US route. Find out some more information about the different divisions below.

Division I Soccer

DI women's programs can give out a maximum of 14 soccer scholarships a year. These can be a mix of full-ride scholarships and partial scholarships. 

Many successful DI programmes recruit top international prospects globally. You will be competing against senior internationals from various countries. This level of women's soccer is one of the most competitive anywhere in the world.

Many DI players have represented their countries at the highest level whilst also playing in college.


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Divison II Soccer

There are over 260 DII NCAA female soccer programmes currently active in the US

DII schools can offer full-ride soccer scholarships. However, because women's soccer is deemed an equivalency sport by the NCAA, colleges are not required to give out full rides. It is at the coaches discretion how much money they can offer to the student / athlete.

Division III Soccer

There are 441 DIII NCAA female soccer programmes currently active in the US

DIII schools do not offer athletic scholarships, however this does not mean you cannot secure a scholarship to a DIII college. There are many different ways of securing a scholarship. In DIII schools academic scholarships are available along with merit based scholarships

Athletic scholarships are not the only way of receiving scholarships. The fact is that you can secure many different avenues for funding. If a DIII college wants you on their roster they can be very accommodating to make that happen


NAIA Soccer

NAIA schools offer a similar level of competition to DII schools, and they can offer a maximum of 12 scholarships. NAIA schools can choose to offer 12 full-ride scholarships or split up the scholarships among the athletes on their roster, which is an average of 25 players. It’s up to the coach to determine how much money they want to give to each athlete on the team. However, NAIA schools have fewer recruiting rules than the NCAA, and NAIA coaches can contact student-athletes anytime during high school. This can make it a little easier to snag a scholarship for some student-athletes

Junior College Soccer

The NJCAA has 181 teams competing across the US. There are 18 full scholarships available to coaches. The average roster size is 18, so the chance of securing a full scholarship to your two year college is very high


After completion of your two year degree in a junior college you will be eligible to secure a scholarship in higher divisions. Some students who may not acquire the GPA score to attend an NCAA college go the route of junior college and make the leap to NCAA level after their two year experience in junior college.

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