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Men's Soccer


Soccer Scholarships

Colleges at the NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NAIA and Junior College levels can all offer scholarships. Scholarship availability depends on many factors such as:

  • How many scholarships the coach has available at his/her disposal

  • Whether or not the college is a fully funded programme

  • How the college administers their scholarship budget

  • Also, several other factors including need for specific players, attributes etc


Division I Soccer

D1 men’s soccer are the most difficult to obtain, there are 205 teams currently competing nationwide, so the level of competition for places has never been as high. Players from all over the globe are competing against each other to secure scholarships. D1 men’s soccer programmes can give out a maximum of 9.9 scholarships a year and these can be a mix of full-ride scholarships and partial scholarships.  Only about 1.3% of US high school men’s soccer players go on to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level according to a NCAA published report released earlier this year

Soccer Team

Divison II Soccer

D2 colleges can also offer full-ride scholarships and partial scholarships. Similar to DI soccer coaches DII coaches are in control of their budget requirements when applying funds to prospective student / athletes. With a max of nine scholarships available per team, D2 schools can choose to offer nine full-ride scholarships or split up the scholarships among the roster. The average roster size in DII colleges is 31. 

Division III Soccer

While D3 schools don’t offer athletic scholarships, most D3 athletes do receive other forms of financial aid. Student-athletes interested in competing at a D3 school shouldn't be discouraged by the fact above. If you have acquired good grade scores then you will be in with a chance of securing an academic scholarship. There are also many other forms of scholarship that can be made available on a college by college basis.

The level of play at a DIII college might be seen as a lesser level compared to it's counterparts (DI & DII). However, that is not the case. 

pexels-stanley-morales-3148452 (1).jpg

NAIA Soccer

NAIA schools can offer a maximum of 12 scholarships. The level of play is similar to that of DII. NAIA coaches have access to a total of 12 full-ride scholarships or can decide to split up the scholarships among the athletes on their roster, which is an average of 30 players. However, due to the fact that the NAIA colleges are a seperate governing body from the NCAA, there are fewer recruiting rules, and NAIA coaches can contact student-athletes anytime during high school or secondary school. This can significantly speed up the process of finding the programmes next star student / athlete

Junior College Soccer

The average roster size of a NCJAA team is 19 players and a maximum of 18 scholarships allocated per team. That means that you have a very good chance of securing a full scholarship. These two-year colleges are seen as a stepping stone for student-athletes who are looking to transfer between schools or move up into a higher division. Atlantic Scholarships will also help with the transfer process if needed.


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