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Men's Tennis



There are over 1,000 colleges that have a tennis programme. 

Below is a breakdown of all different divisions of men's tennis currently available to student athletes.

Tennis scholarships are usually handed out to international prospects that have shown a proven track record in amateur tournaments and events. Coaches may be willing to fund international student / athletes via a full-ride or partial scholarship.


Division I Tennis

  • Division I tennis scholarships per team: 4.5

  • Total number of DI men’s tennis teams: 263

  • Average team size: 9


Division I men’s college tennis programmes can offer scholarships to a maximum of 4.5 athletes each season.


The size of these scholarships is dependent on whether the programme is fully funded or not. Fully funded programmes will be able to offer full-ride scholarships to some athletes along with partial scholarships to others


Divison II Tennis

  • Maximum scholarships available per team: 4.5

  • Total number of DII tennis teams: 161

  • Average team size: 9 


As an equivalency sport, Division 2 men’s tennis programmes can award a maximum of four and a half full-ride equivalent scholarships per team. It is at the discretion of the coach and the budget that he/ she is working with whether or not the athlete is a recipient of a full, partial or no scholarship

Division III Tennis

  • Maximum scholarships available per team: 0

  • Total number of DIII tennis teams: 314

  • Average team size: 10


There are no athletic scholarships to award at the NCAA Division III level. Instead, student / athletes receive financial funding through merit-based scholarships if they meet the academic standards as set out by each institution. In some cases, Division III financial aid packages may be larger than the athletic scholarships offered by Division I and DII programmes

Tennis Racket

NAIA Tennis

  • Maximum scholarships available per team: 5

  • Total number of NAIA women’s tennis teams: 92

  • Average team size: 9 


The NAIA does not limit the number of scholarships a programme can award. Again, NAIA is a fantastic option for players who may be looking to secure full-rides to a college. This might suit best for international students.  Each colleges funding may be different in the NAIA conferences, therefore offers will depend on a case by case basis

Junior College Tennis

  • Maximum scholarships available per team: 9

  • Total number of D3 tennis teams: 120

  • Average team size: 10


Junior College scholarships are a great way of gaining access to a quality programme in the US. Most students that attend a two year junior college go on to receive fantastic offers to a four year college. Most athletes will end up moving to either a DI or DII programme if they prove their worth on the court and in the classroom.


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