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Rugby Scholarships

Rugby Scholarships in America are very much a College and University sport. There is a highly competitive and organised structure where your talent lets you represent your University with pride whilst studying towards an academic undergraduate qualification.


Rugby is played throughout education institutions all over the US. Rugby continues to grow in popularity and is considered one of the most rapidly expanding club sports across college campuses. Several institutions have increased their investments in men’s and women’s Rugby programmes, by creating Rugby programmes with varsity status and funding for scholarships. Women’s rugby is now classed by the NCAA as an emerging varsity sport


The Package

By earning a rugby scholarship, you obtain a financial package that will contribute towards your tuition fees, accommodation and other costs that you may have


Athletes hoping to be considered for a rugby scholarship in the US must meet the university’s entry requirements and are expected to maintain a good standard on the field and in the classroom throughout the duration of their scholarship

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