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Stellan Twill

minnesota, Usa






*Awaiting NCAA Eligibility GPA

American Curriculum student


business, economics, History, Sports Business Management







12th october 2007



Country of Residence:


Country of Birth:





Fall 26'



I was born in October 2007 in Seattle Washington. My father introduced me to soccer at the age of three and inspired my passion for the game. He coached many of my youth community and recreational soccer teams and invested the time to develop my skill fundamentals and playing style.

During my primary school years, I represented my school’s soccer teams and supported them through two undefeated seasons.  In the summer of 2013 at age 6, our family relocated to Sydney, Australia where I would hone my skills and knowledge of the game for the next seven years.  In my first years in Sydney, I played as a starting Center midfielder for the Balmain Tigers FC and helped lead our team to back-to-back district championships and 1st place in the Kanga Cup International soccer tournament in Canberra in 2015. 

In 2016 I once again wanted to challenge myself with more advanced play and was successfully selected to play starting midfielder for Sydney University FC National Premier League team where I would play for the next four years.  During my tenure playing for Sydney University FC, I contributed to the team successfully ranking in the top three division spots each year including runner-up in two divisional championship matches. 

For the 2020/2021 season I was recruited to play center attacking midfielder for Hakoah FC National Premier League club.  Although we had an excellent season and made it to the semi-finals of the conference championships, much of the season was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the end of 2020, my family again relocated to Doha, Qatar where my father was appointed to support the delivery of the FIFA World Cup in 2022.  Within a few weeks of our arrival to Qatar, I trialled and was successfully selected for the U15 Evolution Sports Academy Youth Football Club.  Much of my U15 season was disrupted by the pandemic but we held social distanced training sessions four days a week when mandatory lockdowns were not in effect.  I also participated in weekly personal one-on-one coaching and conditioning training to further development my game style and maintain my fitness during this down time. By the time covid had died down my U15 team were excelling through our season where went undefeated. We also participated in the International Arab cup where countries located all over the Middle East came together to play for the trophy. We ended winning the tournament where I scored the winning goal against PSG Academy in our undefeated run. After the tournament, at the age of 14, I became a rotational player for the U18 Division 1 Men’s team for Evolution Academy.

In 2022, our family moved back the U.S. and settled in Minnesota where I was recruited to play midfielder for the U16 Minnesota Thunder Academy ECNL club and currently play on the U17 division. During my first season with the club, we went 6-0 at all ECNL showcases and finished 2nd in our conference, providing us the opportunity to compete in the national playoffs where we were knocked out in the third round.



Instagram - sully.twill

What makes you different from all other students/athletes?

I have competed in the highest levels of football in several countries which has provided me with the knowledge and understanding of different standards and styles of play. I am hard working and put the time and perseverance into improving myself as not just a footballer, but as a total athlete by putting equal efforts into my recovery, strength training and nutrition. I also prioritize my academics with my football as I believe it is very important to achieve a strong foundation in education and personal development.   I have learned the core aspects of time management to ensure a balanced approach to my academic, athletic, and social life. 

In addition to my formal education in the classroom, as an expatriate, I have been afforded the unique of experience of learning from the traditions and customs of other cultures which has shaped my world view.  For instance, in Australia I learned greatly from spending time on Country with Aboriginal Peoples studying their culture, traditions and knowledges.  Since moving to the Middle East in 2020, I have also learned a great deal about Arabic culture, history, and customs.  All of these experiences have moulded my character development as a student and an athlete.   

In addition to my athletic and core academic pursuits, I have a great passion for music and have trained in classical piano for several years.  I also have a special interest in business with a focus on sports management and am currently working on a project to support sustainability outcomes for the 2026 World Cup.   


My dedication to soccer has also afforded many opportunities to give back to the community. For three years in Australia, I had the privilege of receiving training and participating as an assistant coach in teaching soccer fundamentals to kids with physical and learning disabilities.  I continued this work in Doha where I volunteered two hours a week with the Qatar foundation through their Ability Friendly Sports Program where I taught soccer to children with autism and physical disabilities.  Since moving back to the U.S.,  I have continued similar community service work by volunteering for the Tony Sanneh Foundation and coaching grassroots youth soccer within my community. 

What are your short and long-term goals?

Short Term:

  • Increase my academic performance ensuring my grades, GPA and class rank make me eligible to play at the top level of collegiate soccer.  

  • Further develop my soccer skills, both physically and mentally, and compete at the top level within United States and Internationally

  • Improve my knowledge of sports nutrition, strength conditioning and injury prevention to further improve my performance on and off the field.


Long term:

  • Graduate from a globally recognised University with high academic and athletic rankings with a degree in Economics and Sports Business Management

  • Represent a Division 1 University soccer team, both on and off the field, at the highest level of performance and sportsmanship

  • Successfully sign for a professional club in North America or Europe after earning my undergraduate degree

  • Earn a master’s degree in my chosen field of interest

  • Continue to give back and be in service to communities in need.

Why do you want to compete in college?

My parents, coaches and other mentors in my life have given me a strong appreciation for the importance of balancing my education and athletic pursuits.  I wish to compete at the Division 1 collegiate level to match my aspirations to play soccer at the professional level with my desire to earn a university degree.  I am genuinely excited by the prospect to play soccer in a highly structured environment with world-class coaching and training facilities without sacrificing my opportunity to earn a quality education and degree.

What can you add to a college programme?

Nearly 14 years of playing soccer in numerous clubs and in different countries across the world has taught me the valuable lessons of leadership, teamwork, discipline, resilience, commitment, sacrifice and being in service to others.  These are all character defining traits I have learned through my passion for soccer and from the community of coaches and mentors that have guided me along the way.  These are traits I will contribute to my coaches and fellow teammates on and off the field in addition to the physical and mental skills of the game I have worked extremely hard to earn over the years.

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