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Haadi Peracha

Doha, Qatar

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American Curriculum student


Economics, Business, Finance, Marketing, information systems


5ft 10inches




23rd february 2006



Country of Residence:







Fall 24'




Being an American citizen born in Lahore, Pakistan, I was always the odd one out. Football isn't advertised in Pakistan but my love for the game pushed me to stick out from the crowd. Until the age of six, when my family relocated to Doha, Qatar, I continued to compete in sporting events including running, football, and cricket, in which I was at the top of my grade.


My career truly began when I moved to Qatar in grade two. Representing the best-regarded school team in the country every year of primary school, my footballing ability thrived. I joined Evolution soccer a year after moving, making it 10 years at the club. After 5 years I broke through into the Evo academy through hard work and dedication. This was when I first got a taste of advanced football; Further improving my own game. Initially, I was the starting winger being able to play on both wings however after two years of being part of the academy I switched to playing full-back alternating

between both sides.


Traveling to Oman in 2018 for a tournament to play against the likes of Inter Milan and Arsenal I was able to adapt my game to learn from the best of the best. Later that same year my club traveled to England where we visited and played against Manchester City, Bolton and Fleetwood town. From both trips I was not only able to gain a deeper understanding of the positioning and basics on the pitch but my style of play developed drastically from the experience abroad.


The following year, I decided to begin the season playing Center back being not only a starter but the captain for the upcoming two years in my club Evolution. In addition, I also captained my school team in which I was the starting Winger and Midfielder. We went undefeated competing in friendlies and tournaments against every school in the country. Slowly, I began to rotate between playing Center Midfielder and Center back. Before the beginning of Covid-19, my peers and coaches selected me to receive the Player of the Year award reflecting on my performance throughout the year. The attainment of captaincy with the award motivated me severely to train by myself through Covid-19 enhancing both my physical and football abilities.


Fully Returning to training in 2021, I became the starting Center Midfielder whilst playing against ex-pros in the QCFL, the biggest amateur adult league in Qatar. During this time I was also selected to move from the u16s to the youth team (u18s) in my club Evolution. In my sophomore year, my school picked me to play as the starting midfielder for the varsity soccer team which we went undefeated throughout the entire season competing against several adult teams.


Last year I was scouted to sign and play for the u19 team in Al Rayyan Sports Club (one of the top teams in the 1st division of Qatari professional football). However, I was shortly called up to train with the under-21 team (the team that I currently train and play for this year). Our success of being the national champions is in part owed to our ex-Barcelona and Sevilla coaches. They have transformed the club's philosophy by bringing the Spanish style of football to Al Rayyan. During my time here, I have played on Live TV and become the country's youngest ever player to play in a world cup stadium. I plan on making my first team appearance this year, as I continue to train and play with the team.


Training every day of the week, my club schedule made it tough for me to attend school varsity training, however, my varsity coaches still invited me to travel for MESAC (The Middle East South Asia Conference) where I helped my team become finalists. I played every minute of every game rotating between Centre Midfielder, Left Winger and Striker. I also ended the competition as the top scorer and assistant for my team.



Instagram - sully.twill

What makes you different from all other students/athletes?

First of all my journey consisted of me playing nearly every position on the pitch, proving that with the experience and skills obtained by doing so, my awareness and understanding of every aspect of the game will be superior to most other student/athletes. Playing the Center Midfielder position, I can showcase all these abilities as you need to be an allrounder to play the role. While playing in several different countries against the best and most well-known teams in the world such as Inter Milan, Arsenal and Manchester City, my play style along with my footballing ability was modified and improved. All the different cultures and techniques used around the world shaped me to become the player I am today.

Throughout my 13 years of playing the sport, I was faced with many setbacks in which I truly learned the hard work and determination needed to not only stay at the highest level but to compete for more. I learned how to maintain a healthy body through nutrition, stretching, conditioning and most of all sleep. My passion drove me to work harder than anyone else as I created a routine (which I also followed during Covid-19) in which I worked for 2 and a half hours, twice a day, every day of the week. Improving myself physically, in addition to the intense football training, shows that my passion for the sport would make me stick out from most other student/athletes.

Coaching and training with players have also taught me vital lessons. I set up a group where I coached multiple kids in the u10 academy for my club Evolution. I created training sessions in which I was able to mentor these kids to improve their basics of football. Through this experience, I learnt how to be a better leader which translated onto the pitch, ultimately making me a better captain for my team. In my home country, there is a football team called Karachi United which is a fully non-profit club that prioritizes less fortunate players in the poorer areas of the country. I had the opportunity to fly out to Karachi and visit the club. Here I trained with players who only spoke, talked and knew about football. I was able to truly understand the passion, hard work and discipline needed to be better than the rest.

What are your short and long-term goals?

Short Term:

  • Finishing the year with all A’s in my classes

  • Making my first team appearance for Al Rayyan Sports Club

  • Continue to maintain a healthy body through watching my nutrition, stretching, conditioning and training


Long term:

  • Graduate from a globally recognized university that holds the highest standards of education and football

  • Excelling in both studies and football to help me gain a degree and maintain motivation

  • Hopefully continuing my football journey post-university by earning a professional contract either through the MLS draft or via europe

Why do you want to compete in college?

Over the years, the importance of my education has significantly shifted my view towards life in general. The dream started out with wanting to jump straight into the professional scene; however, with the help of my parents and teachers, I quickly understood that going to university and competing at the highest level of collegiate football as well as maintaining my education surrounded by fellow students and student/athletes would overall benefit my career. The idea of balancing both my football and schooling surrounded by the top coaches and playing in the highest standard of football while earning my degree and being taught in the most challenging of atmospheres is the obvious most convincing route to go down. Being able to do so in the states while being an American citizen entirely solidifies my decision.

What can you add to a college programme?

The sheer experience that I have learned throughout my entire journey in football will unquestionably improve the standard, mentality, cooperation and overall passion throughout the entire team. From playing nearly every position on the pitch, I attain the knowledge needed to play in every role. I also have played in several cultures with numerous personalities serving me with additional knowledge on how to cope and thrive in every possible scenario. Captaining my side to win gold in three major competitions, with the top teams in the middle east, highlights the effect I have on my team. My contribution to helping the community made me aware of the passion required to play the highest level of football. I have shown all these attributes while playing for my club Evolution and my school varsity team through countless tournaments leading me to sign with the u19 team in Al Rayyan who are part of the few top teams in the 1st division of Professional Qatari football. Overall my talent, experience, passion, education and mentality both on and off the field will significantly enhance the college program I attend.

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