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Faisal Ahmed Al-Mallah

Doha, Qatar

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5ft 6inches




10th july 2007



Country of Residence:






*Awaiting NCAA Eligibility GPA


sport psychology, web development, cyber security, sports management, accounting, kinesiology

Cambridge curriculum







Fall 24'



I was born in 2007 in Jordan, but my family had already settled in Qatar and chose to have me born in our homeland before moving back when I was two weeks old. From a young age, my uncle, who was a passionate soccer fan, introduced me to the sport, and my dad bought me my first ball at the age of three. He spent a significant amount of time helping me develop my skills and learn the basics.


At six years old, I began researching local soccer teams and academies to advance my soccer career. I enrolled in Evolution Academy, where I quickly advanced my skills beyond my age group.

When I was nine years old, I was invited to play for the advanced academy, but I felt there was a higher level that I had not been called up to. I typically played as a winger and fullback, which helped me develop a well-rounded understanding of attacking and defending.

In 2019, I was promoted to the under-13 main team and transitioned to playing as a winger. I also tried playing up front, where my pressing skills came in handy. During this time, I participated in soccer competitions for my school, English Modern School, earning four gold and two silver medals, and serving as team captain.


When the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted my soccer season, I practised at home and stayed fit with my brother through various athletic activities, including plyometrics. When restrictions were lifted, I was able to move up as a freshman to play with the senior squad at the age of 14.


In 2022, I was invited by my academy to compete in the 2005 "Al Fareej Cup" tournament, where I played as a winger and won a silver medal. I also played in the men's league for Evolution Academy and realized that I needed to put on more weight, so I worked hard to gain 17 pounds before returning for the season. I was promoted to the youth under-19 team A.


I travelled for the first time with my academy to Oman's 2007 tournament at the end of October, where I started as a striker and played a major role in helping the team advance to the final and win the cup. Currently, I start for Evolution Academy's under-19 youth team A, participate in the adult men's league, and play league games for the 2007 squad. We went unbeaten this season with 6 wins and I contributed to the team's success by 4 goals and 4 assists. As captain of the under-19 English modern school Soccer team for my senior year, I worked closely with the coaches on recruiting as they trusted my opinion on football knowledge and I will be travelling with Evolution Academy 2007 team to Oman on October 12th hoping to win the tournament for the second time consecutively.



What makes you different from all other students/athletes?

I've played soccer at the top levels my entire life, which has aided me in expanding my understanding of each age group's strategies and how to play against specific players. I have a strong desire to succeed and am ambitious. To maximize my chances of becoming the ideal athlete, I would work hard at the gym, with my diet, and during my recovery. I've learned from my father how crucial it is to strike a balance between my studies and my soccer career. I firmly believe that you should put the same amount of effort into anything you do. I also participated in many different sports as a child such as swimming, which helped me become a better player. For example, I ran track as a child and can currently run a 30-meter sprint in 4.08 seconds, a 20-meter sprint in just 2.99 seconds and a 10-meter sprint in just 1.76 seconds, holding the records for the fastest in Evolution Academy.

Sports-related careers, such as those in sports psychology and sports injuries, have long piqued my attention. Reading Timothy Gallway's works has increased my knowledge of the mental side of things and how to exercise better self-control. I'm going to be volunteering at a mental institution, helping others there have been studies that have shown it reduces stress and increases positivity for the patient and the volunteer.

What are your short and long-term goals?

Short Term:

  • Continue making an effort to improve my grades and make sure they are high enough to get me into universities of the most outstanding calibre.

  • Keep working on my nutrition and taking better care of my body.

  •  Further, strengthened my soccer talents by concentrating on the mental side while developing physically.

  • Volunteer at Aspetar and spend a day with a sports psychologist to get a first-hand experience of being a sports psychologist.

  • Volunteer at my school helping Physical education teachers teach the students.

  • Volunteering every Friday at Evolution Academy to help train the kids.

  • Attend my SAT.

Long term:

  • Represent an established university soccer team both academically and athletically. 

  • Become a sports psychologist after getting my degree.

  • Help athletes have better mind control.

Why do you want to compete in college?

I fell in love with the idea of pursuing both a soccer career and a degree while attending the best facilities and highest level of college because I wouldn't have to give up my soccer career for studying or my degree for just soccer. Instead, I would be able to gain all the knowledge I need to advance my game while having the knowledge of my psychology degree.

What can you add to a college programme?

My entire life has been spent overcoming obstacles, and this has taught me a lot of lessons. For example, it has taught me to be more responsible and imaginative in areas of my life where I never would have imagined I would be. In order for my teammates to realize their full potential, I would help them overcome any obstacles they may be confronting using what I have learned and by imparting my knowledge. My coaches have taught me to always give to others because they have shared guidance that has helped me find new opportunities and solutions.

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