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Ciara Henry

Sligo, Ireland





2.8 (Predicted)


March 23'

*final results - september 22'

  • Creative

  • Technical

  • Versatile


  • Sports-Related Fields




5th August 2003









Country of Residence:





Fall 23'


About Me

My name is Ciara Henry. I am a very enthusiastic and goal-driven person. I give 100% in every situation and am a very mannered individual. I started playing football at the age of 4. My former football clubs were Real Tubber, Charlestown Athletic, Sligo Leitrim and The North West Regional team. I am currently playing with Sligo rovers and have been for the last 4 years. I have many hobbies which include meeting up with my friends, going to the park playing football, going to the gym, going to the cinema etc.

Statistics and Athletics

My current position is CAM. I got to two All Ireland semi-finals in 2019 with my current team Sligo Rovers. In 2018 I also got to an all Ireland final for the bowl at Gaynor cup and we won with my previous team Sligo Leitrim. The year before this I got to an All  Ireland final for the cup at Gaynor cup with myself scoring in the quarter-final and semi-final leading up to this game. In 2018 I got international trials but unfortunately didn’t go any further. I captained The North West Regional team at a tournament in Dublin in 2018.

What are your short and long term


On moving to the USA my short term goals would be to make the most of getting the best education while playing my favourite sport at a high level.

My long term goals would be to graduate with a degree and try to make a career of playing football out in the USA.

Why are you pursuing 

opportunities in the USA?

What makes me different from all the other girls on the team is my dedication and focus. The only sport I play is soccer and it’s been like that since I saw at an early age the commitment needed.


Unlike the other girls missing training to be playing in a Gaelic match, I was always on time to training and never missed a session. Even when injured I was there doing my own work in rehabilitation. At training I was always focused I never spoke with other girls whilst my coaches were talking. I only spoke when questions were asked.


I was always first to be shouting commands e.g. Turn, Man on, Bounce etc. during drills and phases of play. When it comes to the classroom, I’m not shy to ask questions. I make sure to hand my homework in on time and that I do that little extra in the evenings for my own benefit. I’m certainly not the brightest student in the room but I give my all to show I can be as good as them.

What can you add to a
college programme?

I can bring a lot of positivity to the group and determination. I would try to bring the best out of myself and others around me. I would work hard on and off the pitch.

What makes you different from all other student-athletes?

The difference between me and other soccer players is that I always work hard for what I want. I also have a great attitude on and off the pitch. I think fast on the pitch, always thinking where to pass the ball next before receiving the ball. I am calm and confident on the ball.

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