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Cas Leadbetter

Doha, Qatar

Cas Leadbetter_edited.png






American Curriculum student


Business, Environmental Science, Sports Management, Sports Marketing, Sports Facility Management



5ft 10inches




1st january 2007



Country of Residence:


Country of Birth:





Fall 24'



competition Stats:

- QCFL U16: Club - 2019 - Games: 15 Goals: 13 Assists: 11 

- 2020: Games: 2 Goals:1 Assists: 1 

- 2021: School and Clubs - Games: 11 Goals: 6 Assists: 7


yoyo - 19.4

broad jump - 254 cm

arrowhead - 7.8's

10m - 1.73's

30m - 4.21's

plank - 7 mins


I started playing football as soon as I could walk. I tottered around waiting for my Dad to roll the ball down the hall so I could gleefully kick it back. Football runs in my family as my dad was a semi-pro who also played for Florida Institute of Technology and my sister now plays for Barry University in Miami. 

The first competition I played in was in Guangzhou GYSL league sneaking into the 5+ age group when I was still only 4 but was soon moved up to the U10s. The first club I played for was Football Academy Hong Kong when I was 5. I played there for 4 years and won the Soccer Sevens against Newcastle and Aston Villa in 2011. 

In 2012, I was selected by Manchester United to play at Old Trafford since I won the World Skills Final for my age group which over 10,000 kids had participated in. In 2015, I moved to Qatar where I am currently playing for Evolution Academy. In 2017, I was scouted by Bristol Rovers and given the opportunity to start for their team. Our team also won the Dubai Cup in 2017 which was the first time the feat was achieved throughout the club’s history. 

In 2019, our U12 team travelled to Oman for the Oman International Youth Cup. We drew with Inter Milan in the group stage. I scored 2 when we played Torino in our next game when we drew 2-2. We reached the final where we played Man City and I scored a hatrick. In 2020, (aged 13 ) I played for the U17s in the MESAC tournament which includes schools from all over the Middle East. Our team were runners up and I was recommended to Manchester United by an ex-scout of theirs.


At the start of 2020, I also played in the U21 QCFL when I was 14. Unfortunately, we haven’t had many competitions

over the last 2 years due to the pandemic. I currently play in the QCFL which includes ex-professionals and men’s teams. 



Instagram - sully.twill

What makes you different from all other students/athletes?

My uniqueness springs from the result of being strong in all the essential areas of being both a footballer and scholar. As a player I feel that I am a combination of strength in body and spirit, quick on the field, skilful with both feet and above all, intelligent and composed when the ball is at my feet. In parallel, I have numerous board strengths in different courses within school hours. I recognize achievements are made through hard work, resilience and sacrifices.

What are your short and long-term goals?

My current short term goal is to be recognized as the best player in my U18 team (aged 15 ). I am on my way to achieving that as I am the highest scoring CM this season and securing my starting position. My long term goal is to represent a prestigious American college soccer team.

Why do you want to compete in college?

It offers a perfect blend of high level academics and sporting opportunities.

What can you add to a college programme?

My international mindedness and global experience of playing in a variety of situations alongside a mix of coaching styles while always maintaining a great relationship with my teammates, mentors and coaches. I’m also conscious of the need to sustain high academic levels and have successfully achieved above average grades throughout my education.

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