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Alex Owen

Doha, Qatar


5ft 4inches




16th September 2004



Country of Residence:






*Awaiting NCAA Eligibility GPA


Business, MATH

American Curriculum student


competition Stats:

American School of Doha Soccer Team Stats

Junior Varsity 9th Grade (2019-2020):

Team Record: 8-4 

1st place Qatar Federation Tournament

2nd Place MESAC Tournament in Oman

Position: RB, 5 goals, 6 assists, 12 games played.

Award: Coaches Player of the Year Grade 10: No season (covid)

Varsity 11th Grade (2021-2022):

Team Record 5-0

Position: RB, 3 goals, 2 assists, 5 games.

competition Stats:

Evolution Soccer Academy

Since 8th grade ongoing (continued through covid (no matches during this time))

2021-2022 Season: Evolution Soccer Youth Academy

Position: Rw/Rb

QCFL League 2021 (Men's League): Reached Semi-Final

QCFL League 2022 (Men's League): Reached Quarter Finals

2021-2022 Stats Position: RB/RW 15 games, 2 goals, 6 assists.

Country of Birth:





Fall 23'




yoyo - 18.1

broad jump - 241 cm

arrowhead - 7.89's

10m - 1.76's

30m - 4.20's

plank - 7 mins


My name is Alexander Owen. I was born in Puerto de La Cruz, Venezuela. My dad is Welsh and my mom is Colombian and the first time I ever kicked a ball was when I was 3. I’ve lived in Venezuela, America (twice), Scotland, Libya, and Qatar.


I first joined a club when I was in America the first time around named Albion FC, then when I moved to Libya the club was terminated most likely due to the war which is why I couldn’t find the name I did play for my duration there. Once I moved back to the United States after my evacuation I went to Albion where my passion for football lit up exponentially. The weekend games were a key memory for me as to where my passion for football came from. When I moved to Qatar 8 years ago, when I first arrived at the American School of Doha as a 4th grader I knew absolutely no one. However, I remember sitting on the steps next to the football field and the second I was invited to play football with a bunch of kids. That's when I felt included and a part of the school. In Qatar 6 years ago I joined Evo and worked my way up in the rankings until I reached the Academy level during 7th grade where I forewent my trial and passed making me a part of the Academy team at Evo.


I have been with Evo since then competing in many tournaments both nationally and internationally. As well as that I joined the American School of Doha’s JV Soccer team in 9th grade where we went to have a stellar season and by far one of the best showcases I put on in my football career. I won the Coaches Player of the Year award as well as came second in the Mesac Competition in Oman. Since then covid has hit but that didn’t stop me from training in Evo so I haven’t had a break from football ever. This season for Evo I reached the Youth academy where we played in two men’s leagues competing in both and reaching the knockout stages.


Additionally, I reached the Varsity team for ASD playing friendlies against Men’s teams as well where I held an impressive 3 goals and 2 assists in 5 games. While taking a break recently from football for about a month due to getting Appendicitis as soon as I was cleared to train I began training again with Evo. 



Instagram - sully.twill

What makes you different from all other students/athletes?

At this stage in my football career, I already know the feeling of what it’s like to be a student-athlete. During my School Soccer season which mixes with the Evolution Soccer Academy schedule, I go through 7 training sessions a week sometimes back to back whilst still having to have the responsibilities of a student. Anyone who knows me well knows I am a very determined person who will go the extra mile to get stuff done whether that’s putting in more work than anyone else on a school project or going to the gym every single day training as hard as I can, I am determined to be the best. While lacking the physical size I make up for it in every way possible, I am not afraid to take on anybody. Playing in an adult league has taught me to be tough and has given me opportunities to gain experience on how to be physical with less to work with. I believe that doing everything possible to be the best in any situation I’m put in puts me on the right path to being a great student and athlete for any program. 

What are your short and long-term goals?

My short-term goals, for now, coincide with what I want in the future. I want to achieve a high standard of soccer by winning the international soccer tournament with my school team as well as competing with my club Evolution Sports Soccer Academy. All the while I want to keep my education a strict priority scoring well on the next Sat I take as well as maintaining above a 3.8 GPA for my senior year. I want to ensure that I go to a college that not only has good football but above all, a great education as that is my biggest priority. Past that for now, my goals are to live happily, enjoy where I work, enjoy where I live, travel, even more, experience other cultures, meet more people, and of course, always play football. 

Why do you want to compete in college?

I want to compete in college because football has been my biggest passion since I first kicked my first ball. I have created a business revolving around soccer and volunteered in numerous organizations giving back to my communities through the form of soccer and I can undoubtedly say that it has and always been my biggest passion. But ever since that first kick of the ball I have gone up and up in the ranks throughout my life and I always want to play at a higher level to be challenged more and more. That being said, college soccer is a step up for me in my career while I'm not sure how big that step is yet, no matter what I will put my all as I love to be challenged and have adverse moments that teach me valuable lessons. I also prioritize and will always believe that a proper education especially after high school is vital so with that nothing would work out more perfectly than putting my two priorities and passion for soccer and education together. 

What can you add to a college programme?

I’ve always been used to being the shortest kid on the pitch and with time I grew to realize that it wasn’t necessarily a disadvantage. My favorite saying to do with that is it's not about the size of the fight, it's about the amount of fight in the size. I grew and worked hard to be the best footballer I could be in every other aspect whether it was training every day of the week, sometimes twice a day either in the gym or the pitch over many years. I can gladly say I give it my all. A college program needs players like that. A player who in the 90th minute of the game 2 nil down is still frantically running after the ball putting everything into the game. Players who never give up, who instil teamwork, and aren’t afraid of a challenge, those are the players that make up the winning team of any sport of any successful college program. I aim to be more than that, I aim to bring success to the college program I am a part of. 

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